About Ergrow

Brian Ritchie founded Ergrow after a successful career in the corporate ergonomics industry. Family medical issues turned his attention to the healing power of herbal medicine, and he joined a grow collective to learn more.  

Brian took his turn at every aspect of cultivation, always eager to learn. Soon, however, his body ached from the work like so many others. Many of the tasks involved awkward positions and unsafe labor techniques. Processes bottlenecked around human tasks.

With decades of experience shouting in his ears, Brian applied his experience to bring new, innovative products to horticulture. Brian Ritchie founded Ergrow in Maine in 2014.

Ergrow has researched and expanded in the last few years. Joined by talented partners Steve Collins and Alan Scott, they have consulted with plant growers, commercial agriculture companies, and world hunger program managers to identify the greatest needs in cultivation. The company has expanded to include seasoned specialists in several fields, combining their knowledge.

In January of 2016, Ergrow Systems LLC entered the Gateway Accelerator startup contest in Oakland, CA. Chosen in the Top 15% of over 200 competitors, Ergrow accepted an invitation to join the Gateway insiders community, gleaning valuable insights and strategies.

In January of 2016, Ergrow announced its first product design, the Comfort Trim elastic scissor handle.  It's simple design allows one to relax their hand while working, reducing fatigue and risk of repetitive motion injury.

The second design, a patent-pending trimming bag, allows for optimum body posture and greater control while minimizing back strain from long-term harvesting and trimming work.

In 2017, Ergrow relocated to Laguna Beach, California to plant its roots in the center of the new horticulture industry. Ergrow tests designs in-the-field with the help of large-scale cultivators and industry experts. That feedback and collaboration helps them craft the optimum solutions for greater efficiency, with many on the way.